Tips to Estimate Costs for Building Demolition 

Below are some of the factors that any demolition and excavation company will consider as they evaluate the cost of your demolition project.  


Costs for insurance, licenses, and permits.  

A project can be considered safe if it’s properly insured, permitted, and licensed. However, quality comes with great costs. So, expect to pay for more for high-quality services and end-result.  

Demolition equipment cost 

Any demolition project needs several various kinds of machinery. Since every project is not alike, the needed equipment will differ based on the extent and size of demolition. Demolishing a wall won’t need similar machinery or tools as tearing down a whole building. Any project that involves concrete material will also require particular equipment. A demolition service provider will be the one who can know what kind of equipment is required for the job.  

Labor cost under usual working days 

Typically, a project will us workers for 8 hrs. per day. A project that will need 5 workdays would need 40 billable hours for every demolition operator on the project. The overall costs for labor will need increasing hourly labor required with the estimated duration the project may take. A larger, longer project will need more labor, which can lead to higher expenses for you and the demolition firm.  

The estimated duration of the project 

One of the factors that can affect a commercial or residential demolition project’s cost is the estimated duration it would take for the project to be finished.  Small projects may consume about 5 days to finish while larger and medium demolishing projects can take wherever from a few weeks to many months. Basically, the rule of thumb would be the longer the project, the most expensive the service will be.  

Is the removal of asbestos needed? 

Asbestos is widely known for all of the health hazards it can offer, which can cause a scar-like tissue to be accumulated in the lungs known as asbestosis. Usually, this can cause anyone’s lung to malfunction and can eventually result in disability and even death. It doesn’t matter if you want to rebuild from the ground up or you’re remodeling, no one would want to involve asbestos in their living or work area. Not each project will need an abatement of asbestos. However, a lot of them will need an asbestos checkup to look for signs of asbestos in different areas such as boilers, pipes, within insulation, and even in cement. When asbestos removal service is needed, expect that this can top up to the total cost of the project.   

The project’s overall area 

Usually, costs are associated with the project’s size. The expenses of demolishing a small warehouse will be substantially less compared to a multi-suite commercial building. This is because smaller demolishing projects will just need staff on hand and less equipment. As a result, the first thing your hauler and demolishing service provider will do as they estimate your building demolition is to acquire a precise measurement of the total size of the area or space. 

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